The Romanian who received handsome money from Netflix. His film is a big success: ‘We were very happy.’

Văru’ Săndel is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and beloved comedy actors in Romania. His real name, Sandu Pop, the artist has focused more on film production in recent years, reducing his live performances. How much money did Văru’ Săndel receive from Netflix for his film?

Which film made Văru’ Săndel strike gold on Netflix

Văru’ Săndel needs no introduction, being one of the most famous and appreciated comedy actors in our country. In recent years, Sandu Pop has stopped performing live shows across the country, which were televised on Etn0 TV, and he has focused on a great passion that has become a profession, film production. Together with Alin Panc, the star has managed to produce four films that have been highly successful on streaming platforms, and one of them may have struck gold on Netflix.



It’s about the movie “Zorrilo,” a historical comedy featuring Dacians and Romans, which is said to have enriched the actor’s bank accounts, as revealed by Văru’ Săndel in an exclusive interview with Revista EGO.

“With ‘Zorrilo,’ he (Alin Panc) came and suggested making a comedy with Dacians and Romans. From that moment, everyone agreed, we started working on the script, and it reached George Lungoci, who began writing it, and we were excited about it.

We were very happy because it was the most expensive film we sold to Netflix, out of all our productions. It was a third step because we started with a small amount, and we were happy that a platform like Netflix bought it.

Then we came with ‘Pup-o, mă 2’ with another amount, and then ‘Zorrilo’ with another sum. We have ‘Pup-o, mă 3’ in the pipeline, and we have the series, which, after it airs on Prima TV, will also be available on a platform, either Amazon or Netflix, that’s 100%.

So, we are delighted with the success from this point of view,” film producer Sandu Pop shared exclusively with

“We want to make the world laugh.”

So far, film producer Sandu Pop and Alin Panc have made four movies from their own budget or with the help of partners. Regarding their future projects, being perpetually in love with comedy, the actor says that they do everything possible to make people laugh.

“For now, what we want is to develop ourselves. Slowly, step by step, without skipping stages. If things become so good for us that an entire industry emerges from what we know how to do, I think that will be great.

But at some point, I believe we will stop because we like ourselves the way we are now. What I want, compared to Alin, who wants something entirely different, is to make people laugh.

Alin wants us to produce films regardless of the genre. I only want comedies, but Alin says we can go in the other direction as well. We’ll see. For now, we’re focused on this. We want to make the world laugh,” added the star, as mentioned in the source.

Source: PlayTech