PAPA PICTURES started producing in 2018,

a time when only a few indie companies were struggling to create movies. We started off strong by delivering two movies per year, along with TV series and documentaries. Additionally, we established a development lab, enabling us to maintain ongoing connections with writers and their stories. This approach ensures a consistently fresh perspective on the Romanian cinematic landscape.

In addition to our online success, we successfully expanded our reach to traditional TV screens through collaborations with nationwide broadcasters like PRO, ANTENA, and CLEVER GROUP.

U get whats u kiss

• Ranked second in Romania cinemas.
• It was sold to NETFLIX where it was TOP 3 in Romanian preferneces
• Performed stunning numbers on national TV PRO.

U get whats u kiss 2

• Second part of the movie also went top 3 on NETFLIX
• Aired for New’s Year Eve Special program on PRO.
• In time of pandemics did good numbers in theatres

U get whats u kiss 3

• The final episode of the trilogy.
• Also sold on NETFLIX and reached top 10 in Romanian movies.

The clash of shepherds

• After the succes of “Pup-o, ma!” trilogy, Clever Group through Prima TV hosted a 8 episode TV series as a sequel which first aired on 6th octomber 2022.
• First Romanian TV series on NETFLIX (March 1st 2023)


• Was never released to cinema due to Pandemic restricitions
• Climbed the ladder on NETFLIX reaching TOP 1 in Romania, with a top 3 overall result.

The DAC side of the moon

• Secretul lui Zorilo (The DAC side of the moon) is another NETFLIX hit produced by PAPA PICTURES. (TOP 3 Romania)


Man of god

• Distributed by PAPA PICTURES and VIDEOMIX.

Avram Iancu

The Transylvanian history superstar premieres on the big screen in this millennium! Avram Iancu and the moments that shaped his destiny: hero or prophet? Patriot or visionary? Military commander or brilliant political strategist? Get ready to discover the story of 1848 and 1849, embarking on an initiatory journey where you’ll enrich your soul and arm yourself with the ambition to leave your mark through your existence!