About us

PAPA PICTURES began before its first frame.

Alin Panc

Alexandru Pop

It began with the strong bond of ALIN PANC and ALEXANDRU POP,

who first met in high school and then reunited in college. That was 30 years ago. Ever since then, their sole dream has been to create a movie company designed for a wide audience, producing and distributing stories meant to entertain while also having a social impact.

In a local cinematic landscape where art house movies are celebrated and well-regarded by highbrow festivals around the world, Romanian theaters were empty. Almost no one set foot to see those critically acclaimed movies.

Someone had to step in and change the audience’s perspective on local movies. So, we did, and we just started making it to the top.

PAPA PICTURES started producing in 2018, a time when only a few indie companies were struggling to create movies. We started off strong by delivering two movies per year, along with TV series and documentaries.

Additionally, we established a development lab, enabling us to maintain ongoing connections with writers and their stories. This approach ensures a consistently fresh perspective on the Romanian cinematic landscape.

In addition to our online success, we successfully expanded our reach to traditional TV screens through collaborations with nationwide broadcasters like PRO, ANTENA, and CLEVER GROUP.