“Alin Panc, the creator of the TV series “U get whats u kiss”, is coming out with a new movie, ‘Love on the Edge of a Knife.'”

The authors of the “U get whats u kiss” trilogy, which also inspired a series aired on Prima TV, Alin Panc and Alexandru Pop, known as Văru Săndel, under the banner of PAPA Pictures, announce a new production, the film “Love on the Edge of a Knife.” “It’s like Romeo and Juliet in the kitchen. We’re telling the story of a 1,000-year-old cornmeal recipe,” confesses Alin Panc exclusively to Paginademedia.ro.

Alin Panc gave an interview for the #FaceOFF podcast, which can be watched on the Paginademedia YouTube channel, and provided more details about the new film and its behind-the-scenes production.

“Love on the Edge of a Knife” will be screened in cinemas nationwide starting on September 29.

The cast includes Carmen Tănase, Răzvan Bănică, Ada Galeș, Marian Râlea, Mirela Zeța, Alexandru Pop, Alin Panc, Mirela Zeţa, Cosmin Șofron, Gabriela Popescu, Natalia Mateuț, Sînziana Sooper, and Chef Samuel.

The film is directed by Germain Kanda.

“Love on the Edge of a Knife” is produced by PAPA Pictures and co-produced by DeMoga Music and Vent D’Est, based on the screenplay by Salex Iatma and Alex Panc, and distributed by PAPA Pictures.

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The full interview can be watched below. Here are just a few key statements:

Alin Panc: “We cooked a lot of cornmeal for this film, and we had many chefs. As extras, we ate. We gained 10-15 kilograms each.”

Alin Panc: “Every day was the toughest day of filming. This is the last film I’ll ever make in 15 days.”

Alin Panc: “The actors were expensive, but they’re worth it!”

Alin Panc: “We struggled, we got upset. We cracked the whip on them. It’s not easy to make a film in 15 days.”

In the same interview, Alin Panc recalled some memories from previous film shoots and his biography.

Alin Panc: “Demi Moore spoke to me so casually…”

Alin Panc: “If I knew English well, I would have gone far. I had great opportunities in America.”

Alin Panc: “I wanted to create a business, to make money with films. True cinema is in the movies.”


VIDEO. The film marks a series of premieres. Marius Moga is a co-producer and has composed the soundtrack.

“This is the first Romanian film that combines romance with a culinary theme. The love for the taste of yesteryears intertwines with childhood love, a touch of humor, and an entirely unexpected outcome,” say the producers.

Marius Moga, through his production company DeMoga Music, is, for the first time, a co-producer in a feature film. Marius Moga worked closely with the film’s team and, together with them, created the music that enhances the emotion and suspense of the scenes.

The film is directed by Germain Kanda, who is making the transition from advertising productions to filmmaking, thus creating his first feature film.


The story of the film “Love on the Edge of a Knife”:

Two rival families, owners of restaurants, have been in conflict their entire lives, with the main points of contention being the cornmeal bear recipe and the trophy for the “Mop of the Year.” The rivalry between the two families also stands in the way of the love story between their children, Marina and Ducu. In adulthood, by chance, Ducu reunites with the girl he had been in love with since childhood, Marina, and pretends to be a chef in order to spend more time with her at the restaurant.


Alin Panc: “I believed in my delusion for 30-something years before making a film.”

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