Văru’ Săndel and Alin Panc engage in humorous banter during their interviews with Spectacola and DC News.

Văru’ Săndel and Alin Panc have been a team on the big screen for several years. After the success of the productions “Pup-o, mă! 1” and “Pup-o, mă! 2,” they turned the continuation of the story into a television series. The two shepherd brothers, Tică (Alin Panc) and Horică (Sandu Pop, aka Văru’ Săndel), finally become the masters of their pasture and believe they are a catch for any woman. However, fate has new surprises in store for them, as Tică and Horică become… TV stars, in a show called “The Shepherds’ Challenge.”

Eight beautiful young women compete for the hearts of the two brothers, a prize of 50,000 euros, and the title of Shepherdess of the Year.

The story in “Pup-o, mă! The Series” is lively, with multifaceted action, and humor is present at every turn. The cast of this autumn series is complemented by eight actresses and influencers from the younger generation who vie for the shepherds’ hearts. Among the beauties who play alongside the two, there are some names to mention: Alice Peneacă, Oana Ioniță, Ioana Picoș, and Laura Cosoi, who plays the role of a TV presenter. Laura Cosoi filmed for this series while she was eight months pregnant.

“The series has comedy to the point of tears, but it also has depth. We made it as cinematic as possible,” reveals Sandu Pop.


It took them almost 30 years to collaborate.

They have known each other since childhood, but destiny brought them together as a team only four years ago. Coming from Zalău, the two actors followed different artistic paths. Alin Panc found success with roles in soap operas but also other “serious” roles that hid his native accent and humor. On the other hand, Sandu Pop became famous through the character “Văru’ Săndel,” which he has brought to life for over 20 years, and through which he also ventured into music.


They have different views on humor.

Sandu Pop says that humor is “mathematics” and that you have to calculate the right moment to present a joke to the audience, while Alin Panc sees comedy as something “innate,” something you are born with or not.

“Our wives are the real heroes,” says Alin Panc.

Although they are very private about their personal lives, the two actors enjoy happy marriages and consider their wives to be true heroes for putting up with and supporting them all these years.

Learn more about how they came to collaborate together, even though they have known each other since college, their relationship with actor Cosmin Seleși, the key moments in their careers, and their plans for the “Pup-o, mă!” series in an interview that will be broadcast on Sunday at 13:00 on the Spectacola and DC News YouTube channels and Facebook pages, as well as on DC News TV.

Source: DC News